What Are You Interested In?

What Are You Interested In?
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As I return from my time off from visiting family in Germany, I decided to shake it up a little bit and provide a look back at my work from the last few months. We all love recycling content, right?

What can often happen is that the older articles get buried under the piles of new ones (even though, I haven't written THAT much). I would like to refresh the older ones and showcase some of them so that you, dear reader might find something that you did not know existed. Everything will be split into easy-to-read clickbait titles so there is minimal decision-making power involved.

  • Interested in saving money and keeping electricity costs down? Click here.
How to survive (and thrive) with high electric costs
If you’re anything like me, you may have gotten whacked in the face by a recent electricity bill which contains an unfathomable amount of money and all you can ask yourself is: How?! It’s simple really. We’re just over the yearly mark of an energy crisis; more specifically the war
  • Perhaps you have issues sleeping like me and want to gain some insights from a fellow light sleeper? Right this way.
The Art of Rest: Why Sleep is a Skill Worth Cultivating
When it comes to life skills, sleeping is often overlooked. We are not taught how to sleep in school, and many of us just do it without giving it much thought. But what if I told you that sleep is a skill? And like any other skill, it can be
  • Feel like you want to start something new that can benefit your everyday life, but not sure where to look? I got you covered.
Meditation: An Honest Review One Year Later
″I can’t sit there for minutes on end, and just listen, and do nothing - I always need to be doing something, I’m too fidgety.″ You have just read a direct quote from me from early 2022. I do not think I am alone in thinking this way, or
  • Getting sick of the same sport that you've done for the last ten years? Me too. See more here .
Exercise That Doesn’t Feel Like Exercise?
After reading the title you may be asking yourself: What form of exercise could he be possibly talking about? Let me zoom out a bit and give you a little back story (not too long, I wouldn’t want you to get bored after all) I have been in some sort
  • Last but not least: Struggling to de-clutter the space around you? This will be fun.
Do We Need All Of These Things?
If you have been a regular visitor to my website, you have probably noticed that I like keeping stuff pretty simple. The website design is dark, sleek, and modern (at least that’s what I’m going for) with the aim to eliminate clutter. Navigation menus are kept basic, and you should

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