Uses Of Artificial Intelligence

Uses Of Artificial Intelligence
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AI - An abbreviation that has been going 'viral' on social media worldwide. Let's go ahead and break this topic down into digestible tidbits of information.

What is AI?

Simply put, artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. (Think computers that are going to take over the world and replace all of our jobs)

Why has it gone viral?

Lots of companies have made considerable strides in developing smarter acting AI systems, such as Open AI's Chat GPT and DALL-E. These tools enable users to have a personalized chatbot that scours the internet for answers to virtually any question in seconds.  The latter enables you to create never-seen-before computer-generated images from a text prompt. Sounds good right? Read on to find out what's in it for you.

What can AI do for me?

Lots of things. Some might say that the possibilities are endless. Let me dive into a few use cases that I use AI for, which may be useful for you right here:

Proofreading texts - with this prompt, I get chatGPT to proofread my articles. All you have to do is sign up to chatGPT here (it's free) and input your text (called prompts in the world of AI). The AI model will then output an answer. This answer will vary depending on how you speak to 'it'. Generally, the more specific you are, the more specific the output will be.

Prompt for you to copy and try: ''I want you to act as a proofreader. I will provide you with texts and I would like you to review them for any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. Once you have finished reviewing the text, provide me with any necessary corrections or suggestions for improving the text.''

Creating a bulleted shopping list/meal plan - This list was created within 5 seconds and gives me a good overview of what I need to get for my grocery haul, confined roughly into my target budget. (this will vary depending on the shop)

Prompt: ''Prep a shopping list for me for an upcoming meal plan. I want to focus on low carb, high protein with a total of around 2600 calories a day. Confine this weekly shop to 50 Euros.''

Creating a running plan for a specific goal - I'm new to running and wanted a free starter plan. This seems adequate, right? Runners, feel free to chime in. This can be adjusted to literally any sport and goal.

Prompt: ''Act as a running coach. I want to run a 5k in 6 weeks. Draft me a running program that includes 3 days of running a week.'' Pro tip: Use 'act as' in your prompt as this will set the scene for the bot.

You mentioned something about never-seen-before images above. How do I do it?

Many tools use text-to-image generation methods using artificial intelligence. I use Midjourney and DALL-E. Both are free, to an extent. Infrequent users won't have to pay, but if you want to explore the extent of these platforms like myself (I generated around 600 images within a week) you will be required to pay. There are many more out there, these are just the two I use.

They both work on the same principle. Text in - image out. You input your sample 'prompt' and get a fantastic (not always) artwork/image out. Let's see an example prompt for mid-journey below.

Prompt: ''Wide angle shot of Spiderman taking a selfie at the cliffs of Moher shot on 300mm --v 5 --q 2 --stylize 1000 --ar 3:2'' The jargon at the end are specific midjourney settings, DM me if you are interested in learning more or want me to write a guide on this.

Spiderman visiting the cliffs of mother 

For more images, visit my art gallery found here to see what cool images these tools can make.

The above are some of my AI use cases. As you can imagine, there are many, many more. I barely scratched the surface here. I would recommend not over-rely on this technology though. Leave your brain to do a little bit of the thinking, rather than have AI do it all for you. It will benefit you in the long run.  

Let me know if you like this type of content, and want to see more of it about AI.

PS. This was NOT written with the help of AI.

See you soon.