AI-Art showcase

Ordinary Icons series

Six omnipitent beings gather around a table tasked with the creation of our planet; Mother Earth. Conjuring on sources that transcend human understanding, segments of lands start to form. Shortly after this gathering concluded, Pangea was born. The rest is history.
Jack is a 75-year-old man who is quiet and solitary, finding solace only in smoking. He can be stubborn, but has a kind heart and a dry sense of humor.He worked as a farmer and mechanic his entire life, and lost his wife to cancer in 2019. Now, he spends his days on his porch, smoking and watching the world go by. Unfortunately, the same illness that took his wife is now advancing within him, too.
Bill turned 80 years old this year. He worked tirelessly all his life, putting in 16 hour shifts day in, day out. After all those years, his greed got the better of him and all he started to care about was money. His marriage fell apart, his kids no longer speak to him and no one was there to celebrate his latest birthday. All Kevin has left is his money. He looks in the mirror and only sees a tired, empty old man. He would give anything to turn back time.